Update on Sewerage Works 02/04/2021

First full week of roadworks has seen some good progress we hope the delays have not been too frustrating. See below update for this week;

Works Completed week ending 02/04
  • The two precast process tanks in the plant have had the wall panels erected with pouring of the ring beams and the roof slabs all that is remaining with these two tanks.
  • The breaking of rock at the Hospital Pump Station has been completed and the area is now being prepared for the install of the precast tank units. People living close to the Hospital will be glad to know this is the end of the major rock breaking at this location so noise from rock hammers on excavators in the area will be very limited going forward.
  • Pipeline crews started the Hospital Rising main with 260m of pipe and four chambers installed. This section of pipeline is all but finished now with only some road reinstatement and minor pipe off takes remaining.
  • The second gravity main pipeline crew started adjacent to Supervalue this week working East. These works are slower as it is a larger pipe, laid deeper and at a set design grade. This crew made some great progress and at this stage we would be hoping to finish this section of pipeline, the crews have made up the time we lost by not starting on the 22nd of March and we would be hoping we will be finished in this section for the 16th April as previously scheduled.
  • Reinstatement crews were also present on site this week reinstating the road surface after the pipelay crews. These crews will be on site intermittently as required.
Planned Works for Week Commencing 06/04

  • Shay Murtaghs crews who are installing precast concrete tanks at the plant are stopping for a well earned break with next week being a CIF builders holidays so there will be no progress with these tanks over the coming week
  • The Hospital Rising main is to be tested. This involves filing it with water and pressurising it to a pressure of 15 bar, almost 7 times the pressure in a normal car tyre. This testing confirms the integrity of the pipe, welds and connections guaranteeing it’s suitability for service.
  • Brandyhall Rising Main will start from the 6th April, this will involve the same process as the Hospital Rising Main and will see works commence at Brandyhall Bridge working West.
  • Works shall commence on the Foildarrig Gravity Main from the 6th. This shall require a road closure. The traffic management plan for this is attached.
Upcoming Significant Works

Install of rising main pipelines commencing at the square and hitting West is upcoming. Following the good progress this week it is likely that works will start on this section maybe a few days earlier sometime the week of the 12th April.